New Dell laptops "smell of cat piss"


We had a farmhouse where male cats would come through in the night and mark our porches. I could see the evidence but I couldn’t smell a thing. For my husband, the smell was strong and disgusting, leaving me to wonder if the scent is more obnoxious to men… or if my olfactory sense was defective. Not sure I would notice if a laptop smelled of cat piss.

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In my experience of Dells, a litter tray would be an appropriate use for them.

I wonder what sort of horrible plasticizer or mould-release agent Dell’s contractors are using… I bet that it’s a better endocrine disrupter and/or probable-human-carcinogen than authentic cat piss.

Normally, those (while still dangerous) result in olfactory pleasure-sensations like ‘new car smell’, so they must be doing something atypical.


And all along I thought it was coming from the websites I was visiting:
But seriously, Urea-formaldehyde?


My cat actually did mark my laptop bag. All the “enzyme” spray in the world couldn’t get the smell out completely. If anyone asks, though, I’m blaming it on Dell’s manufacturing process.


Most long-lasting, trouble free machine I’ve ever owned was a Dell Dimension 4600. True story.

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That’s what happens when you don’t change the litter box at the Dell Plant. Felix the Factory Cat gets a little bitchy and customers get a snootful of his tinklestink.

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About 2 years ago I had this issue with some New Balance sneakers.

It’s not the computer. It’s actually Windows 8.


Some capacitors smell exactly like cat piss when they’re leaking/burning out.


um, i’m surprised that no one’s made this comment yet, especially on BB, but was it not mentioned on Breaking Bad that an operating meth lab smells strongly of cat piss? i seem to remember Jessie pointing this out when they were scoping-out a potential lab location. a quick google search confirms this. hmm…

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I think this might be a feature. Next time, avoid Latitude products that end in “u”.

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Dude, you’re gettin’ a smell!


When I was a crime reporter, I occasionally found myself covering meth labs and other similar arrangements. Once, I covered a meth lab that had ignited and burned half the house down. Even from a safe distance, it was like there had been an explosion at the cat piss factory. The entire neighborhood. Weaponized cat piss, a cat piss of such intensity it cannot be described in mere words.


NSFW . One of my favorite Deadwood scenes -

I wonder if cats agree it smells like their pee or if it’s just a human perception.


I think this the expert’s sexuality angle to tech that the New York Times should be covering.

“Pleasure sensations” is an interesting description. New car smell literally makes me sick to the point where I have to drive any car less than a couple years old with the windows open, even in winter. That said, it’s not the smell per se, but something that goes along with it, because new car smell air fresheners, though unpleasant, don’t have the same effect.