Perfume to smell like a kitten


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Demeter has captured the olfactory essence of the warmth and comfort of that purrfect spot, just behind a kitten’s neck.

I prefer the scent of kitten paw pads, myself.



Paw Pad Pew coming to a store near you. And yes, it rhymes too.


is that you or the t. gondii talking there?


Some dog feet smell like hamsters. I like that.


But does it come with the dander needed to clog the noses of my enemies and deprive them of this scent?


Thank goodness I can finally stop rubbing my cats on myself. They really hate that!


I thought that they smelled like Fritos.


I thought it was old pop corn…


My puppy’s pads used to smell like popcorn.


“Yes, I ordered the Paw Pad Pew, spiciness level 6, with white rice. Yes, I need chopsticks.”


Excellent choice.


Can it be bought by the gallon?




So they’re bottling the smell of milk and urine. Ok.


Yet another case of an ersatz simulation replacing the more potent reality. And your cats – like all cats… very tactile – would miss all that rubbing action. Poor kitties.


GIFS tend to omit unfortunate outcomes.


Meh, I just velcro kitten epaulets to my shoulders.


"You wear the stench of the enemy. I am your best friend no longer."