Boxiecat is the best cat litter

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The "litter box’ stench from my GrandMa’s place still hangs on to me to this day 40 years on.

Time for lunch…


I’m not sure I agree wtih a lidded litter box because the cats are less likely to feel safe which increases the risk of, erm . … behavioral issues. I’m curious about the litter though. Our cats like fragrance free Arm & Hammer Super Scoop litter.

Yes, I asked them, and then their ringleader replied, “We have discussed the question on more than one occasion, and we generally agree that this type of litter is the least problematic litter which has been presented for our consideration. Mrr-mrrow?

That’s pretty much an exact quote.


I get the safeway brand which is essentially the same as the arm&hammer.
I tried all sorts of litter with my kitties but the cheap stuff was the one that they didn’t hate and no more mopping up the basement floor. So whatever works.


Thank you! We’re always ready to try a new one, esp. if less expensive.

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We’re using crystals, which helps dehydrate the poop and keeps smells to a minimum for our one kitty. However, I hate stepping on those goddamn things and you should be careful walking around with bare feet. I’ve actually impaled the bottom of my foot with one of those crystals and drew several drops of blood. On the other hand, there is a significant lack of dust lying about everywhere.


‘World’s Best’ is by far the best cat litter I have ever tried, and I’ve tried pretty much all of them. 28lb bag for $25 at Amazon, one bag lasts me almost two months with two cats. I don’t even look at new brands anymore, this stuff is that good. There is literally no way it could be improved, except maybe if it was even cheaper. Clumps amazingly, flushable, unscented, and all natural. My cats love it. Try it, you’ll thank me, I promise.

Although if I see Boxiecat on sale somewhere for a comparable price to World’s Best I’ll check it out.


we use Dr. Elsey’s:

it might even be cheaper than that one, and it’s just clay. it’s 99% dust free, but i still find that 1% of dust all over the basement, haha, so maybe our cats are just big diggers. : )


That is what they want you to think…

OT: we use clumping cat litter from the local supermarket brand. OK, not super, but it works.

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not flushable = dealbreaker. I’m with thirdworldtaxi: worldsbest is the only option. And I pay only $25 for 28lbs with autoship at

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I was getting tired of our cats half missing the litter box while urinating. So I took a couple of large storage tubs they sell at the discount stores and cut a cat sized hole in the sides of them. Their boxes sit inside and if/when they miss the actual litter box, the tub catches it. $7 vs $38

But that clever box makes me think that if I move the opening to the top and make the top some kind of mesh, the silica crystals that tend to escape the box might brush off and fall back down into the litter box.

Another Dr. Elsey’s fan here, and it’s close to half the price of Boxie and comes in a bigger package. Agree about its dust, tho, especially when sifting.

I find a $2 ratty shoe mat from Home Depot tucked under the exit from our covered litterboxes claims the majority of litter bits off our kitty’s paws.

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How does it work for people? No reason.


I use Arm & Hammer “clump & seal” which in in a black box. No dust (not low dust, no dust), and it doesn’t track. Clay litters are all basically the same. I tried their “lightweight” version, and while there was no dust, it tracked (because it’s lightweight). No crystals, good odor control, and the cat likes it. It’s cheap, too, since it’s a big brand.

I have a friend who works in water management in baltimore, and he used flushable litters until he found that flushing cat poop is bad for the environment. It should go in a landfill.


Costco has a scoopable brand, Litter Purrfect, which my indoor cats like best. They prefer it to the supermarket brands, and at $9 for a 35 lb. bottle, the price is right too. Now if I could just get them to wipe their paws when hopping out of the box…


It’s illegal in many areas… I’m pretty sure that it’s illegal to flush car cat poo in California.

Edit: not illegal… just discouraged. The law that I was thinking of was a fish and game law that required litter to be labelled with information that discouraged the flushing of cat litter in CA because the T. Gondii parasite can be dangerous to sea mammals (especially otters).


We use two door-mats , the rough type. One at the door where the litter boxes stand (yes, double, cats…) and one in between the boxes and the door. Off course the critters don’t wipe for real. :wink:




$18 for 16lbs seems expensive for Boxiecat. Thankfully my cat is not picky and the kind i get (i don’t even remember) works pretty well with smell and clumping. However my cat tracks the stuff everywhere, but there’s little i can do about that unless someone’s figured out how to get a cat to wipe their feet thoroughly on a mat.

Those are my initials… I bag everything.