The Cadillac of cat litter scoops


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I’ve seen these elaborate displays in pet stores, allowing people to test the qualities of different ca litters and their scoopability, it looks like a big sandbox. And I have to wonder if there might be a link between toxoplasmosis, and an urge to scoop up cat turds.


Funny, my cheapass plastic scoop never buckles or gets flimsy. It doesn’t look beautiful either. It just scoops cat poop.


Mine came from a random store, not Amazon, but it’s metal with a 2-foot handle. Much nicer than the short-handled ones.


Bought two of these a while back. Decent quality and more functional than the cheap plastic ones.


Raymond Loewy, 1893-1986

Notable work

  • Air Force One livery
  • Coca-Cola fountain dispenser
  • Concorde interiors
  • Gestetner duplicating machine
  • Greyhound Scenicruiser bus and logo
  • JFK postage stamp
  • Lucky Strike package
  • NASA interiors for Skylab and Apollo programs
  • Rosenthal China 2000 Series
  • Sears Coldspot refrigerators
  • Streamlined locomotives for the Pennsylvania Railroad
  • Studebaker Commander and Avanti
  • Logos for Exxon, Shell, BP, International Harvester, TWA, Nabisco, Quaker, New Man, LU and the U.S. Postal Service

Yeah, I bet he felt incomplete without a cat poop scoop in that ouvre.


I’ll bet I can bend it. BRING IT ON.


My friend Chili Palmer swears by that scoop.


Is there a Prius of litter scoops? I’d definitely buy that - uh - for a friend.


You people are doing it all wrong.


“will never bend”? I think Hydraulic Press Channel would disagree. :laughing:


Thank you so much, Tropo! I have a hardware cloth frame like that for screening rocks & assorted junk out of my vegetable garden soil, but never had the idea to suspend it before. Life made easier!


Never = less than 3 months?


We just use pine pellets, and (because we own rural land) dump the whole mess in a place for it to decompose once a week.


I bought one of these a few weeks ago to replace a decade old cheap plastic scoop.

Compared to the plastic predecessor, the geometry of this metal scoop is awkward, with the scoop parallel to the handle but offset. It is much more awkward to maneuver in the litter box.

I’ll probably go looking for a different metal scoop, or just another plastic one shaped more like the last.


Oh, crap! Mark is waiting less and less time before repeating Amazon link posts. Thursday’s luggage scale post was recycled from October of 2015. This cat scoop post is recycled from January of this year. If this trend continues then soon they are going to catch up and there will be some sort of affiliate link singularity :scream:



i do not recall where i scored , ( a local branch of a chain perhaps , nor for how much ; ) but i , and all of my feline masters ;co-hosts ; friends recccommmmmend this brand/style/model , one example of which has given years of exemplary service , far beyond the limitations of it’s plaxtic ( such is cicero ? likely an ’ s ’ was intended instead of an ‘x’ , but , perhaps it is a ‘battlefield’ slang known only by toxoplasmosis hosting social justice rainbow warriours ?? saving the gas giant whales since before zefram cochrane ) predecessors ~ mainly , it just works and gets out of my face ( gomf ) ; i like that in a user interface ~


An “an unpleasant daily chore,” you say?

Sure, it’s a bit more than $13. But now, once a week, I pull a bag from a drawer, tie it closed, throw it away, and toss some fresh litter into the globe.

Also, in the unlikely event of a hull breach or some other catastrophic systems failure, it serves as a feline escape pod.


I appreciate the meaning of "The Cadillac of ". Goes to show what good marketing is. But every time I hear “Cadillac of” I think “What? It’s large, inefficient, wasteful, but I guess it looks nice” Anyways. That’s my 2c. I suppose it’s also because I’m not American and Cadillacs never featured big in Australia.