The heaviest, sturdiest cat litter scoop


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I’ll give it a try, since I’ve managed to wear out the stainless steel chinese fryer scoop I was using.



[quote]If Raymond Loewy designed a scoop, it would look like this (maybe the handle wouldn’t be covered with textured plastic).[/quote]Nah, you need the laser-etched weapons-grade ceramic coating.


This is one of the few BB recommendations I picked up, and it does its job very well. The aluminum tends to collect more crusty bits over time than a plastic scoop, but nothing a quick soak in a bleach solution wouldn’t cure.


I have this scoop. Two big advantages not mentioned in the article is that it’s much easier to clean than the plastic ones & that it produces a little less dust when sifting through the litter versus your typical plastic one.

Plus it won’t bend when picking up baseball sized pee clumps (I have a 20 pound plus cat).


That’s the scoop I have at home. Bought it when I had 4 cats (two have passed away since due to old age). I can’t imagine ever needing another scoop. This thing is built like a tank.


Don’t use chlorine bleach on aluminum, it will react strongly.


When this came up on Cool Tools, I added it to my Amazon wish list; two birthdays ago, my better half gave it to me as my “joke” gift. Well, it’s no joke. We’ve been using it ever since and it shows no sign of ever giving up.

My one complaint - and it’s very minor - is that the molded hanging loop tore through fairly early. We never hung the thing up anyway, so it’s no big deal; occasionally the little flappy bit of plastic rubs my palm when I’m levering a stubborn clump out of the corner of the box and I tell myself I’m going to trim the rest of it off. Maybe I will, yet.


Better than lye, which I discovered trying one of my first soapmaking projects. Bad jujus!

My idea of a bleach solution is the graywater from my washer.


I have this very scoop and yeah, it’s pretty good. Just clean every so often with a Clorox wipe and you’re good.


Is it a full tang? I bought a scoop similar to this a few years ago, but the metal only extended an inch into the handle. This was NOT conducive to transporting my cat’s titanic scat, and ended in tears.


I imagine this would be perfect for long distance poop flinging, no? Just asking. For a friend.


Kitty poop scoops also make for great distributors of ice-melt, but I imagine aluminum and chlorine salt might not work well together.


Mine is and it’s the same brand and type.


Buy in bulk and save!… waitaminnit…


Yes, it’s full tang (with the exception of the loop part on the end which is part of the handle grip).

Unless your cat shits plutonium bricks, it’ll never bend.


That’s not a scoop, this is a scoop:

Yes, that’s a titanium scoop.

Didn’t you know there’s a community of people making their own bad ass scoops out of stainless steel, titanium and carbon fiber? Just search for “DIY sand scoop”. You can even get them custom made for you.

If you made a Venn diagram of cat owners and metal detectorists you would probably find a set of some pretty hard core scoop enthusiasts.


This is a great scoop, unless you use the pine pellet cat litter (which is fantastic). This scoop’s slots are too narrow to let the pine pellets through.


I picked up one of these when it was recommended in the past- I thought it was here on BoingBoing, but maybe it was Cool Tools before.

Compared to every cheap generic plastic scoop I had broken before, the geometry of the scoop and handle always feel awkward. It has been nice and durable, but actually using it is more difficult than anything we had previously.


I wonder if this would be better. Pretty much the same price.