Target has a scratchable haunted house for cats

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I prefer this record player for scratching.


With three black cats, I may need to buy more than one of these things :cat:


Cardboard? Cute, but don’t really see it lasting more that a week.


Unless this comes with a handle, mine will still prefer the box used to package and ship it. Some cats in this post have a look that says, “Those treats you put in this thing so I would play with it are gone. Gimme more, or I’m outta here!” :cat2:

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I view them as ablative armor for my furniture.

I mean, the furniture I’m allowed to sit on…


17 bucks. The markup on this thing must be ginormous.

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Um, no. I don’t really need an apartment full of shredded cardboard covered in cat saliva.

Yup. That’s not “scratchable”, that’s shreddable.

I’ve been a big fan of the Target “carboard scratcher with seasonally appropriate cardboard surround” for a while. They usually benefit from additional packing tape, but are a nice addition to your decor.

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