DJ scratch deck for cats


Run DOG!

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Bought one of these from a novelty store in Japan a couple of years ago. Kitty destroyed it in a couple of days. He loved the corrugated cardboard scratching pads!

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I am hoping this one lasts a bit and I’ve placed it on high to keep it away from the dogs. It would not survive 2 minutes with the Pyrenees.

one of our cats loves corrugated cardboard scratchers, too. i wish i had one of these! i would think the cardboard part would be replaceable, no?

At $25 bucks it’s a little pricey compared to the $5 ones you can get at the supermarket. I did find these which could work as replacements:

ooh, exactly the thing i was thinking of. the only problem for me is that the “turntable” actually turns. our cat always braces one foot on her current pad so it doesn’t slide (clever girl!). i think if it actually was free-moving enough that it could spin she’d kind of freak out about it and not want to use it.

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