This is the best $2 I've spent on a cat toy

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We bought one of these in the late 90’s early 00’s and it’s still in one piece and the cats still love it.


“this video is private.”
Got spooked by all the fame, I guess?

What’s up with that mopey Satie-sounding music? Dang!

It actually is possible to wear one of these out, although it takes years.

So we bought another one!

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I guess your cats don’t chew the cardboard bits off the ends - mine never lasted all that long, but the cats that liked them really liked them. (And two cats could each grab an end and fight over it.)

Best cat toy I’ve gotten my cats was another cat. Second-best was catnip mice (for the one cat who liked to hunt them and leave them by the bed), or catnip in general. Cat dancer was way up there, along with laser pointers (for some cats) and crumpled wrapping paper.


We store the toy and only get it out to actively play with our cats. If we left it for the cats to play with freely, I imagine they would have ripped the cardboard end bits off pretty quickly.


My cat loves those things! But she is a cardboard-bit chewer, too, so they don’t last long.

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My ancient cat is not into leaping about, these days, but she used to love these. The cardboard bits do indeed get tattered eventually, but I always managed to get quite a bit of use out of the toy before it wore out (my tactic was to let her “catch” it just often enough to keep her interested). And hey, two dollars! (I am kind of amazed it’s still the same price)

This is my standard siamese cat’s favorite toy. He lays on it a lot. If he really, really wants to play, he’ll lay on it and cry. This is a cat that makes almost no sounds ever.

[We have a non-standard siamese, too, she’s a flame-point manx.]

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That looks fun! Meanwhile my cats seem to find endless* fun with those little tear-off strips from cardboard envelopes.

∗ until the cardboard gets too chewed up.

We just bought our first Siamese kitten in twenty years. She plays fetch with a sports sock and has a querulous scream when you stop throwing it.

Unmitigated joy.


Awesome! A cat that fetches is worth it’s weight in gold.

Curious about something, though… have your siamese cats been startelingly silent? Both of ours (and really the entire current crop of kittehs) are sorta ridiculously quiet.

Maybe I just got used to my old black kitteh who was never silent. :cry: Always purring quite loud, that one.

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Quiet Siamese? Wow - never had one of those!

Our current kitten is the loudest I’ve ever had (although memory may be kind), although previous Siamese from years past were always louder than their moggie, tabby and Burmese peers.

For purring volume though, Burmese do a good line in shaking the foundations.

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I always suspected the black kitteh of having a good parcel of Burmese genes.

Yeah, from what I gather it’s kinda weird, but standard Derpasaur won’t even purr out loud. He’s that quiet.

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