Cat enjoys tearing up cardboard boxes, doesn't care how long it takes, nope


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What a peculiar termite.


I love the glowing eyes.

And I miss having a kitty about…

Mr. Landlord, ppplease?


Looks like the kind of enjoyment people get from painting or knitting, but in reverse.


“housecat” = high probability of neuroses.


I’ve had a few cats who did this, including outside cats, so it’s not like they were stir-crazy. It’s just a cat thing.


Three months? A hamster could do that in a week.


For a hamster it would be just a job.
For the cat it is an art project.


Or a Quest.


Not a cat-thing. Proof?


I used to have a cat who liked to use cardboard boxes as scratching posts. He’d ignore the real thing, but would also ignore the furniture as long as there was a box around. He was less thorough about shredding than this cat, but got the job done.


I can has grant plz?


I’m imagining another time lapse video of a disintegrating cardboard box, sans cat, with invitations for explanation.


You want grants? But what happened to all that cheezeburger?


The box enclosing Schrodinger’s cat is in a superimposition of an intact state and a destroyed state. Until the wave-function collapses.


Clearly this is a cat who knows how to pick battles. Not all are so smart.


Ummm… what? You want proof my cat chewed on cardboard? What a strange request. I guess this is the internet.


One of mine is a very enthusiastic box shredder.

I believe the art form is called “post-modern cardboard deconstruction.” It is a performance art.


One of my cats is a consumate, “Oh hai, your feet are sticking out from the covers while asleep? I’ll practice sculpture on them kthnxbai”. Can’t be bothered with boxes.


Ah, yes, my box shredder cat has that sort of opinion also.

If I’m walking around barefoot, my toes are just toes.

But if they dare move under a blanket, they are prey