Create modular cat houses with these carboard building blocks

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It’s definitely more eco-friendly than cat-size Habitrail.


I wonder if they could come up with a template that could be applied to the most common Amazon boxes…


I bet the cats will ignore it and prefer the shipping box.


Are these intended to be temporary? The cats I know love nothing more than shredding cardboard.


Think of it as ablative armor for your furniture.


The 5-component starter kit comes out to abouyt $46 USD. Considering the Nintendo Labo can be had for $70 and you can make a fishing rod, bike handlebars, piano and more, I think I’ll see whether the price comes down.

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I can’t help but laugh every time I see the photo. The two cats look totally gobsmacked by this thing they’ve been presented with.


Is it just a coincidence that this is coming out so soon after the announcement of Labo? Perhaps there’s been some interesting new innovation in the field of cardboard manufacture. (Or rather, perhaps somone’s patent expired.)

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This is definitely one of the best feline modeling gigs, heh!


I see great things coming in kids’ box forts.


I’ll give this a shot while carving up boxes for recycling - only my ramps won’t be full of holes…

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i love these, but they just look like they’d be… tippy, and thus traumatizing for cats and people alike. i wonder how they deal with that on the taller structures?


Save your money! If the cats find out you’ve paid for it, it’ll be ignored.

For the last 4-5 Christmases, we’ve taken our stack of Bezos Boxes, put them in a pile, and then flattened out all of the brown crumple paper that was inside them and tossed it on top. Our cats go nuts over the resulting messy heap! They make running dashes into the paper pile, or creep in and wait for the right moment to blast out and pounce. The bits get strewn about after a while, but are easy to reassemble. We have a springy cat tunnel, which is usually stuffed into the mess.

Request to Amazon: Stop using those dumb plastic air pods that are always flat by the time they arrive. We need more crumple paper!


Very strange. The four component kit is NT$1380, the four components bought separately comes to NT$1280

The about page has a nice story on how they came to their designs, why cardboard and a collection of photos of the prototypes being tested

Years ago, my dad had laid out a long fanfold printout on the floor, and our cat did basically the same thing.


I once lived in and old 1910 house with hot air heat. On the main floor there were wall mounted heat registers, and at the time I owned 2 cats who did not like the fact that I kept the house at 65 degrees in the winter. I took a large cardboard box and cut a flap door, and some flap windows. I then cut a an opening in the back to match the heat vent. The cats spent the next three months listening for the sound of the heater fan starting. As soon as it did they both made a b-line for the box. The heater usually ran about 5 to 7 minutes every half hour or so. After the fan shut down they would wander out until they heard the fan start again.


There are four types of modules. The NT$1380 kit comes with two “rooms” and one each of the other types, being five components altogether.

Kitty Radieuse

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Ha! We still have a box of that somewhere in a closet (18" wide of course). We’re waiting until just the right moment to put it on ebay…

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