The heaviest, sturdiest cat litter scoop


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Second that one. We used to go through a flimsy plastic scoop several times a year till I got one of these. When you’re gone overnight the peebergs can get pretty gnarly.


It looks like the recommendation went to someone’s head; the price on Amazon is now $17.99


Until recently we had five cats here, through inheritance. I’ve had one of these for years and would not use anything else. Everything else I’ve seen is flimsy by comparison.


yep, i’ve had this scoop for years. it’s simply the best. worth every penny.


ohmygravy, I’ve actually been looking for something like that. :astonished:


Have this scoop too. Another advantage of using metal scoops like these is that they kick up alot less dust than plastic ones.


The DuraScoop outlasted the last of our family cats several years ago (we now have small birds and large dogs). Now I use the DuraScoop to empty the ashes from our woodstove - it’s just that tough. All hail DuraScoop!


It’s also dishwasher safe.


Mine just arrived in the mail right now. Speak of a coincidence.

It is H.U.G.E.


But will it blend? And is the claim “never bend” meant only for normal usage?


Nope, it’ll take those frozen clumps of pea right out of the box, and not even wince. (My litter boxes are in an unheated room that gets pretty cold sometimes, and the clumps freeze in. Plastic ones snap like twigs.)


I came here to type I’d gladly throw mine out every year if it meant no cleaning. The plastic ones cost like what, 3 bucks? How much do you spend on toilet paper each year?


"the little plastic scoop I’d been using for a couple of years had gotten flimsy from use and would often buckle at the handle. "

is your cat shitting bricks of gold, or something?! I’ve had a little plastic one for 6 years and it’s still in perfect condition


Price now up to $26 … guess they’re using surge pricing.
Guess I’ll stick to plastic.



No signs of resistance. Humans enthusiastically researching better ways to scoop up our shit.


[quote=“oldtaku, post:2, topic:72087”]When you’re gone overnight the peebergs can get pretty gnarly.[/quote]My, that’s savory. Feels like a secret agent codephrase.
“But when the sun rises the dunglaciers are tubular.”


It’s no the crap, it’s the pee. If your litter is super-clumping, like the one I like because it actually covers up the odors without smelling like potpourri, then when the cats pee in the corner you get these peebergs. Which are semi-cemented to the side of the box. Try to lever one of those out and snap.


Is this full-tang or is the handle rubber-plastic?


Could coating the surface with a fluoropolymer help?
Lumiflon coating, maybe?