The Man with Six Senses - a Radium Age science fiction thriller


Pfft, I’ve got more than six senses.

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“What if he can smell crime…and he runs on all fours…because he’s a dog, VOICED by Dolph Lundgren?”

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Everyone does. Having only six must kind of suck.

Michael, a hapless mutant
Hilda, a beautiful young

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My overused-cliché-sense is tingling already…

It is too bad that no book in this entire re-issue series is available as an ebook. It means I’m not buying them though. Who buys paperback novels these days if they have a choice?

My late friend Hugh Daniel used to say that humans have a sixth sense - gravity detection. You’ve even got sense organs for it, in your inner ear. Lets you know which way is down, a useful thing when you’re either hanging around in trees or walking upright on only two legs.

No sense of balance, no sense of direction, no sense of temperature, no fashion sense…

I noticed that as well. feministsigh…

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