An excellent vintage sci-fi photograph


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Isn’t that from a classic Outer Limits episode?


That’s what I was thinking – it’s not an alien at all, but the artificially advanced David McCallum in “The Sixth Finger.” But an honest mistake to say the least!


Best trouser cuffs ever.

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It’s a damn dirty shame that poor Forry had to sell of most of his collection piecemeal to pay the bills. This, and all the rest of it, really should be in a museum.

I like the optimism of this show. In the future we will

  1. Get smarter
  2. Get more fingers (Now we can count to 12!)
  3. Stay thin!

Compare to other movies of our future evolution

  1. We get dumber.
  2. We have the same number of fingers.
  3. We get fat.

Yeah, but we can now use all six fingers on the touchscreen at once while getting fat and dumb…

We always see one thumb and extra fingers.
Why did they never make it two thumbs and four fingers on each hand?
That way the hand has three opposable points! Or is it still two?
Don’t know, I’m confused.

For some reason Jon Pertwee springs to mind.

As I understand it, polydactylism is an existing mutation in the human gene pool, does generally manifest as an extra pinkie, and is dominant (so it’s not unreasonable to suspect that in a few thousand years it will be be far more common). In Western society the extra finger is generally removed at birth, both for cosmetic reasons and because all our mass manufacturing is geared to five-fingered hands.

On the other hand, polydactyl cats are fairly common in the some areas, and their extra toes often do seem to develop as “thumbs”.

FWIW, auction just closed.

A friend had a terrifying genius polydactyl cat who had actually figured how to oppose her thumbs. She would carry pens and pencils around, sometimes.

This doesn’t seem to be at all common, fortunately.

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