Tiny finger hands for your finger hands


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Paging Cyriak, white courtesy telephone please…





Okay. For anyone feeling the very strong urge (as I did – but caught in time, then staunched) to link this latest cheesy silliness to the latest generation(s), then please recall these: Ant Farms; Troll Dolls; Pet Rocks; etc.


Hm. Where is this from?


Maybe there’s a video of the original Spongebob out there somewhere, but I’m partial to this one.


Doctor Strange.


Mucho gracias!


Well, somebody has to make the obvious comment. “What about finger hands for your finger hands’ finger hands?” But unfortunately these finger hand’s finger hands’ fingers don’t appear separate enough :frowning:



Heathen, cover up those naked hands



If you don’t live in North America you can’t buy from Archie McPhee directly, and the finger hands you can source online are wildly variable in price and documentation. It might seem like a good deal to buy the pack of 5, because you would assume it had an assortment of left and right hands, but if you then discover it’s FIVE GODDAMN LEFT HANDS then you’ll end up buying the more expensive matched pair anyway and then you’ve spent more time and money than you should to have one right and six left finger hands. SO BE WARNED.

(Katya Zamolodchikova made me realise that having zero finger hands wasn’t going to work for me)



it’s finger hands all the way down.


My granddaughter likes squirrels so I gave her the finger puppet from Archie McPhee for Christmas.

She was terrified.


“First-choice for all your fractal fondling frivolities”


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