Handicorn is the ultimate vinyl unicorn finger puppet


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I want to send one to the President, just to brighten his day.


Not particularly a reply to this post – I just want to point out that Rob is a national treasure for (from?) whom I enjoy picking up what he’s putting down.


You can skip the middleman and go straight to Archie’s site.


Obviously, this finger puppet is meant to be used by a very, very small child… so it should fit nicely onto Trump’s hands.





I luz these, I really do, but . . . We got a couple of these at my shop for the purpose of self-entertainment while awaiting a new season of Westworld. They’re cute and all, but it’s REALLY HARD to raise your middle finger to an acceptable height for the poor little uni to be able to charge an oncoming narwhal. Just sayin’.


You speak like a person with significant experience in Handicorn finger puppetry. Nicely done.


It behooves me to buy this.


It’s a costume for one of these!

Also, it was remarkably difficult to figure out how to google image search one of those.




Stop horsin’ around.


I thought this was just like…you know…fetish gear for people who weren’t ready for the full suit.


That was lame. But I suppose you shouldn’t look a horse gift in the mouth.


In some cases, finger puppets might also be a fetish.


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