Donald Trump piñatas for sale in Mexico


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Is it next to the Conan O’Brien piñata or something?


“Oh gross, it was just filled with bile!”


My guess was horse manure; maybe both?


Where can I get these overseas?


I guess I should have learned my lesson after that incident with the Santorum pinata.


The piñata looks more real than the thing in the photo to the left.


Superb. Just absolutely superb!


They need to send one with detachable hair to Mr. Trump. Maybe he can replace his rug with something a little more lifelike.


Please post the ordering info if it’s practical.

I would love to send a dozen to John Stewart. But maybe he’s having enough fun anyway… they probably made an order already.

Every time Trump acts up - boom! - candy for everyone!


Not sure if it would be appropriate to stuff this particular piñata with candy and small coins.

I’d fill it with thinly sliced Bologna, hot air, and horse shit.


You can recreate Hop-Frog by Edgar Allan Poe by setting it on fire before hoisting it up. (for accuracy, you will need eight of them)


Well played, sir.


The hair looks authentic enough to the source material, but the eyes are nowhere near beady enough. The coulda shoulda used actual beads.


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