Piñata Anatomy


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I never knew it was so complex, it’s really amazing science.


After fivenine years it seems like something I just hallucinated, but there was a video game and a tie-in Saturday morning cartoon series (remember them?) called Viva Piñata! about an island were living, sapient piñatas of various species grew and fattened up.

When they were sufficiently full of candy they were delivered to parties where they were whacked open, spilling their guts.

And then brought back to the island for repairs.


That reminds me, I should buy a Pinata for my brother’s birthday party and fill it with chicken livers and chitlins.


So, then, what’s in the Donald Trump pinata? Mostly bile and bullshit, I suppose.


I’m guessing it’s just empty.


Yum! (more like circa 2012 though) :wink: https://www.facebook.com/CarmichaelLynch/photos/pb.20838826160.-2207520000.1435703754./10151129168736161/
Jason Freeny has done a ton of fantastical anatomical deconstructions since at least 2010


I want a tauntaun pinata and be able to hit with light sabers.

But most of all I really wish this was a real thing:


I was at a local Mexican restaurant for my birthday and they brought out a pinata and they gave me a club (rolled up magazine with glitter etc). So I backhanded the head right off that thing, which caused considerable consternation among the staff because apparently you were supposed to just give it one gentle swat for good luck. In my defense I said “Look I’ve had several beers, they hung a pinata in front of my face, and they gave me a club. What did they expect?”


Piñata Anatomy?



Let’s look at the bottom of the candy heirarchy list and find out


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