Relieve stress with Trumpinata, a Donald Trump pinata app


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☭ Sup Marxists? ☭

So we’re hanging candidates in effigy now? Way to keep it classy, BoingBoing.


wouldn’t you rather relieve stress with the sensualistic depths offered by the Trumpator?

The Trumpator, made to look like a - yeah actually lets not come up with a slogan for this product…


An adult crying on the internet is sad.


As long as we all understand that the only reason this is OK is because Trump is a white male, I’m good.


Rest easy, and keep hope alive.


…People still non-ironically use the “rustled jimmies” meme?


Why, is it rustling your jimmies?


Jimmy rustling isn’t just wrong, it’s also against the law. In the old days when you were caught rustling jimmies, well those jimmies were often the source of someone’s livelihood, their food, their mode of transportation, and sometimes their only friend. And if you rustled those jimmies, things could go very badly indeed.


Fixed it for you.


The developers’ mistake here, of course, is in the suggestion that anything good could come from Donald Trump.


El Trumpo Takes a Thumpo - YouTube

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And a presidential candidate. Did you know that presidential candidates often attract vitriol and satire?


If you’re suggesting that the very real, very painful and very recent (ongoing to some degree) history of hanging and beating black people, and the very real, very painful and ongoing problem of domestic violence/rape culture would make the optics of this very different if this were a non-white or non-male, well then, I guess I can’t really disagree with your words


@Humbabella @Thebarton_Gamer

I really can’t imagine why any of you are attempting to justify stuff like this. If this is the type of thing that you would enjoy playing or thinking about, you are literally no better than the troglodytes who made/played that disgusting Anita Sarkeesian game. The hypocrisy is just so astounding.


I think you might not understand the history of piñatas. Making piñata effigies of political figures has a history in Mexico and I don’t think any case can be made for a link between that a real violence, or real threats to the political figures in question. It can be likened to political cartoons.

You said it was only okay because he was a white man, but Mexicans make piñatas of their own non-white political leaders, and at least one maker of popular Trump piñatas is going to start rolling out Hilary Clinton piñatas as well. Being the subject of piñata-based-“violence” is a result of being a well known politician, particularly one who is unpopular among Mexicans. You were wrong that it has anything to do with whiteness or maleness.


I understand to the degree which it is possible for me to understand, not being truly of the culture, that a pinata in general is not really a beating in effigy. After all, Dora the Explorer and Spongebob pinatas are not being beaten out of hate. I suppose I can see the point of view that this is just a computerization of the latino pinata tradition. However I think that for the people who don’t have that cultural frame of mind, this is the exact same in spirit as any of a number of other apps which are just plain old violence fantasies against people they disagree with, and that is not OK. It’s not something you should excuse in yourself or those you consider to be your political allies any more than you excuse for anyone else.


It’s pretty much the most literal example you’ll see of “punching up”


i can agree that it’s ‘less bad’ because of that but it’s still bad


I posted about this elsewhere, but for most of us we have a good idea of fantasy/reality.
While this looks like fun for about 2 minutes before I go well bored with this already it does not mean I would actually want to do this to a real live flesh and blood Donald Trump no matter how much he could use a smack on the head.

I love table top wargames. Crushing the enemy is fun when they just go back to the toy box to come back out for the next battle. But it also made me realize that the real thing would be one of the most awful things to experience ever.

I recently finally got to play Kill Doctor Lucky (which is a game about what happens before the game Clue) and sneaking around the mansion trying to time the attack with absurd weapons was fun. But that does not mean I want to actually end another persons life by a well timed cannon shot.