Get in on this naked Trump vinyl troll doll


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I can be okay with that existing, but there’s no way I’d want one in my house to look at.


can not un-throw-up in my mouth a little.


Can it be used for voodoo purposes? Asking for a friend.


Yes, it’s really a thing.


Low-budget alternative:


I’m guessing that getting “in on it now” avoids having to later acquire and live with a discontinued, very used version of it, i.e., one sure to be marred, pocked and scared by feces, knife thrusts and buckshot.




Only if it’s life sized.


What happens if you get it wet or feed it after midnight? We need some guarantees of safety here.


“get in on […] naked Trump”


[quote=“dfaris, post:9, topic:95491, full:true”]
Only if it’s life sized.
[/quote]In many ways it already is lifesize


The ultimate internet troll doll!


fucken hilarious hahahaha fucken awesome i would love to have one of those bastards hanging from the back of my car they wouldn’t do shit they have no choice but to accept it in my neighborhood or else get there asses beat! and the minority who dont like it will be very quiet about it


Yeah, me too…a ‘friend.’


Let’s see. Giant head. Weird hair. Tiny hands. Tiny… Check, check, check and check.

Didn’t see the stick on the back photo though? :thinking:


Same friend that I have? Cool!


Trumpy says “No.”


Needs an android phone for full accuracy.


I don’t want to touch Trump’s wotsit, even if it is only so I can stick pins in it.