Ring that resembles an extra finger


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Weird Sixfinger toy from the 1960s

Makes a great engagement ring! Like a girl? Give her the finger!


Ring that resembles an extra finger

A "must have" for 2017.


I'd say that, good as it is, she picked the wrong finger to duplicate. One over would be more to the point most of the time.


You could wear multiple engagement rings/wedding bands at the same time. Perfect for polygamists.


If you haven't clicked through to see the ears, you oughtta. I found the ear-earings more lifelike and disconcerting.


Nowadays, I wouldn't be surprised if someone went off about this being a hate crime against people with polydactyly.


Nowadays, I wouldn't be surprised if someone took a post about a weird and innocuous invention and turned it into an excuse to rant about PC Culture.


You could put a ring on the ring (on the ring).

I'm surprised she doesn't also have bracelets that are hands and necklaces that are heads. Redundant and relatively inelegant compared to these, maybe. Although a nipple nipple ring would be something to see.


2017? That soon for a post-apocalyptic world that would make ten-fingered survivors feel out of place?


Take TWO opposable thumbs into the shower ...?



Sense of humor, Brainspore, sense of humor...


Six Finger! Six Finger!


Are you looking for one?


Which is the ring finger?



Second farthest away from the thumb, between the middle and little fingers.


Something has to be funny before you can claim it was a joke.


This may well be the most unintentionally ironic thing I have ever read here.