'The Many Colored Land' classic SciFi/Fantasy by Julian May


I read the shit out of these as a kid. Loved 'em. I should probably read them again, but I probably could still recite entire plotlines.


A great read, though I found the Pliocene books to be a lot more fun than the Milieu series. Aiken Drum is far and away my favorite character.


This has been one of my favorites for years. Last time I re-read it I kept thinking it would make a kickass HBO series.

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I think you literally pulled this response straight out of my brain.

… figuratively.

He might be one of my all time favorite characters in anything I’ve read, ever.

Yup, totally loved these and their tattered blue covers (at least the Australian paperbacks I have) smile at me from the bookcase.

I enjoyed the Milieu books at least as much. Uncle Rogi isn’t Aiken Drum but he’s still a pretty compelling character.

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Wow - great books I must have read 10 times as in my youth, thanks for reminding me of them, think I’ll go read them again.

I’ve read these books so many times it isn’t even remotely funny. I usually try to read them once a year, or once every couple of years. The books are so colorful in language, and the writing is so intricate, and the back story and mythos of the Series is so voluminous. It’s like sitting down to sumptuous meal. I love the worlds in those books and I would love to live in the established May / Coadunate Galactic Milieu. I love Aiken Drum as stated by others. His character is so inventive and feisty.

I really enjoyed this book when I was younger, it’s a shame it included the crazy lesbian trope though

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One of my favorites, too. A friend of mine told me about these, oh, more than 10 years ago. I hunted down copies, and was transported.

Yeah, this series would make an awesome HBO miniseries. Hollywood, get on this!

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If you enjoyed reading Julian May’s The Plicene/ Galactic Mileu books do try her The Rampart Worlds series also, these are a wonderful read also.

Don’t forget The Intervention books which take place between the Pliocene and Mileu stories.

I reread those just a few weeks ago! I’ve been recommending them for decades now. (The Intervention & Milieu novels, not so much. I barely got through them).

One piece of advice though: I wasn’t sure where my physical books were, so I purchased them on Amazon’s Kindle Store. The publisher apparently used a very poor OCR program to scan them in, without no post-scan editing. I made it through the first two alright, but the Non-Born King is almost totally unreadable in the Kindle version–punctuation left out, quote marks missing, many many words misspelled (they may have run a spellchecker on it post scan, and just accepted every correction). It was very frustrating, and I ended up just going to Half-Price Books to buy real copies.

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While I also enjoyed them when I was younger, even then I found the race-traitor/sex-traitor transsexual a bit problematic. I don’t want to say Julian had some serious issues, but there’s certainly some in the character portrayals.

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