The marriage from hell, Epstein’s sex tapes, and overweight celebrities in this week’s fact-challenged tabloids

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Has Prince Harry joined a cult? It certainly sounds like it.


Why is this a recurring feature?

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It’s fine to co-opt the boingboing ‘store’ to infotisement firms so they can shill us CBD and Housewife Discovers One Weird Trick to Coding Courses with like 25% of the front page posts, but I’m begging for some noble soul to remove the insult of this hacky crap from the existing injury.

The obvious argument would be, ‘just don’t read them, you dumbass.’ I get that, really. But where is the dividing line between taking that tack, and being a passive onlooker to the site’s public face growing yet more tumors? Yes, I’m commenting on this and giving clicks and blah blah blah but it’s because basically nobody else does. I figure that increases the remote chance of somebody on the other side hearing the tiny thump when my head slams against this particular brick wall again. Thump (Tabloid). Thump (Posts). Thump (Suck).

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There just not as interesting as when Bat-Boy was a thing. Did he ever grow to be Bat-Man?

To give you something to complain about?

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You could avert your eyes, you know. I quite like it. A freakshow, reasonably long form, snarky in tone. I don’t interact with that culture, nor do I with anyone who does. But today I learned even a princess can suffer racist abuse; unscrupulous misogynist rapey asshole friends of Epstein must be getting antsy; weight shaming works both ways; and I really don’t care about any of it. Two minutes of my life while drinking my morning coffee. Right, moving on.

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