The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is getting ready for its final bow in the trailer for season five

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Haven’t seen season 4 yet, but seasons 1 through 3 were amazing and so incredibly enjoying, with stand out acting from every member of the cast. Shame to hear it’s going, but better to exit stage right before it gets old and stale and the jokes go lame.


It is one of the most incredible looking shows out there - its depiction of the late 1950s - early 1960s is simply gorgeous.

And I will miss Rose and Shirley immensely.


I’m a big fan of seasons 1 and 2; season 3 was weird and less funny. Season 4 staggered to the finish with the Susie, Rose and Joel plots I couldn’t care about.
I hope there’s a bit of Midge in the last season to cheer for.


i have adored every season of this show. the cast is incredible, and every scene is eye candy. oh yeah, and it’s funny as hell, too. bring on season 5.


For more shows about stand-up comedians try “Hacks,” “Crashing,” “Inside Amy Schumer,” “The Sarah Silverman Show.”

I’ve been impressed with the jokes. There seems to be this thing that can happen in movies - if characters say something is really good it better be really good. If not it kills the believability of the thing. Like if they show an artist and say how famous they are and then actually show the paintings on screen and they’re boring or amateurish. Or they say a singer wrote a hit song and then they show them singing and it sucks. Drives me nuts. . Ha. In this case I actually enjoy the stand up comedy in the show!


At the same time I started watching The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, already well into its second season, I was in a college course on Jewish humor. Some of the references and history I already knew but it was fun seeing just how much they drew on real history, albeit fictionalizing a lot of it. For instance Sophie Lennon has been compared to Phyllis Diller but to me she also seems to have elements of Sophie Tucker and Gertrude Berg.

It may not name them but I love how it’s still conjured up memories of some great women comedians who deserve to be better remembered.


I enjoyed it a lot but kind of fell off after season 2.

At some point afterward I learned that Brosnahan wasn’t Jewish, which felt weird for a show where that part of her identity is such a big part of the character. Not a deal-breaker for me the way blackface or cripface would obviously be, but still feels weird.

Somewhere out there, a young Republican activist was just triggered!

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