The MatrixPad Z10 has all the features of more expensive tablets at just $110

Originally published at: The MatrixPad Z10 has all the features of more expensive tablets at just $110 | Boing Boing

Has features that other tablets don’t…? Bullshit. For example, the “eye strain reliever” mode (which limits blue light emission) is present in both iOS and Android as a stock feature.


I have the S30 model, which has eight cores. Still the same RAM/storage, and 1080p screen. It’s a bit heavy, and it’s never been updated past Android 9, but for reading comics and PDFs, which is why I bought it, it’s pretty good. I also read a little web stuff on it, using Firefox with uBlock, and that works pretty well. I don’t really play games on Android, but I did install The Bard’s Tale on it and play a tiny little bit before I got bored with it. That ran fast enough.

My partner has a fancy iPad, which is lighter, faster, biggeer, and way more expensive. It is definitely nicer. But the Vankyo was the nicest I wanted to pay for. Now there are some Chromebook tablets coming out that actually have screens better than 1376x768, so if I were buying now, I might be temped to go that way. But I’d definitely check to see if the Android apps I want to use work well on ChromeOS before jumping over.

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This tablet has surprisingly good reviews at Amazon and this is a better price. But holy cow, 2.29 pounds for a tablet? That’s more than twice as heavy as my iPad Air. I couldn’t use this as a reading tablet for long stretches.

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