The Mavic 2 Pro is the newest flagship drone from DJI

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I have no use for a drone right now, but gee, I really wish I had those 2K to spend right now. This looks amazing.

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I thought this came out in 2018. Is this a new model? Or an old article?


You are correct, DJI released this in 2018.

Perhaps only now is the Boing Boing store selling this. If so, I’m confused why it doesn’t say the list price is $1,000,000 but it’s on sale for 99.8% off like everything else in the store.

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“On sale”? Yeah, using the equivocal meaning of “on sale” as in “for sale” rather than offered at a discounted “sale” price. $1729 is the MSRP.

You can get the Mavic 2 Pro cheaper elsewhere on Amazon and/or with bundled extras (they way retailers do to offer deals without violating the manufacturer’s minimum advertised pricing restrictions)

The most interesting drone to me right now is their $399 Mavic Mini, a 249 gram drone that is under the 250 gram limit. So it is legal to fly without FAA registration and, I think, over people (though I wouldn’t necessarily recommend that).

That is very tempting…