The mean old New York Times took down a Wordle archive

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Why’d they change it? I cant say. People just liked it better that way.


Great way to discourage a fandom.


They do?

It looks like they’re using trademark in this case, so just don’t use the name Wordle.


season 3 netflix GIF by Gilmore Girls


IANAL… wondering if it would it be possible to win a legal challenge against NYT? the archive is a database of words, really.

The entire game is in the client-side code. Go fetch the files from the archive and you can play it locally. Some of us grabbed them from the original site.

In the archived game, the only copyright notices are:
Copyright 2021-2022. All Rights Reserved.
which isn’t a valid notice (it doesn’t name the holder), and
Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation.
before some library code.

Ah, that part is clever. Banging it off in Flask or Django would be easy, but that takes a lot of load off of the server. Hmmmm…

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Is Wordle still a thing? Haven’t tried one in two weeks or so.




C’mon, man, don’t leave us hanging.

I’m tempted to go for LOSER.

Edit, that won’t work. Stupid Es.

I went with: STOLE

It’s now 03/16/2022, 7:58 PDT…

… and the archive is still up and running.

It’s nobody’s business but the jerks’…


SOLVE seems appropriate.

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