The metal cover of The Fox (What Does the Fox Say) that you never knew you needed


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Brilliant! Bookmarked for my offspring!



Man, so good. He even tries to get a little of the original singer’s accent in there.


Uh, you know that both the original and cover bands are from Norway, right? It’s not at all surprising that the accents are similar.




The chorus breakdown sounds like a System of a Down jam, only GOOD!


Is that from a furry cover version of “I Want To Break Free”?


About 100 times better than the original, in that it does not make me want to pull my hair out.


That’s dedication there, going back in time to make sure you’re born in the same country as the original artist. I’m guessing he used Obama’s time machine.


Leo Moracchioli is my other favorite youtube happy metal guy!

(here’s the other with his version of “What does the Fox Say?”

And unfortunately this is what foxes actually say…


This is from the same guy that did that most excellent metal cover of Africa.


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