"The midnight sun" filmed in gorgeous 4k

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yeah, right, see the awesome 4k graphics

on a 720p monitor :stuck_out_tongue:


And the point of turning it into a GIF that looks like crap was…?


Default workflow, perhaps?

It looks like doo to me, however, I HAVE seen 4K video delivered over proper bandwidth to a 4K monitor and it is FREAKIN BEAUTIFUL! I hope it gets cheaper and more do-able soon!

Imagine you are a 10 year old kid, you walk into a showroom with every conceivable innovation in video and touch screens. There are touch screens you don’t have to actually touch - just point near them to operate. There are cameras all over the room and a touch screen to move those camera images to any of 20 monitors in the room - including the wall of monitors made by the same people who do the monitors at Times Square. What’s the coolest thing in the room? The 4k monitor. That’s what happened my kid came into the showroom at my old job.

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Gifs should come with textual description. The “alt” tag in the img entity exists for a reason.

Some pictures are worth a word and are sized like ten thousands.
And they tend to be difficult to read for those who have issues with recognition of faces and expressions.
It could be perhaps even constructed as a form of discrimination, maybe a form of ableism.

You do know I was making a joke right?

And I’m always happy to provide clarity on an image I post.

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I’ve changed my personal motto from “Blame Microsoft”, to “Blame mobile”.

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