Photographer Nick Meek's gorgeous flower petal volcano explosions


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It must be frustrating to try to depict a 4K image on a not-4K screen.

Pretty. Playing off their earlier ad, I see, which was when I first discovered Jose Gonzales:

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Yet again the ads and images to sell tvs are more interesting than what is typically shown on a tv.

Also before anyone complains about waste and pollution from this, I’m 90% sure there was less plant waste from this than what comes off the average willow tree.

That’s always been a fundamental problem with television commercials for televisions, unless the gimmick is that it’s incredibly slim or curved or projects colored lights on the wall behind it.

Best way to go about demonstrating 4K on a standard resolution screen would be to slowly zoom in on the 4K image and compare that to the same zoom level on a regular TV, where the former would look crisp and detailed and the latter pixelated.

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