Video: Planet Earth, as seen from space in high-definition, 4K resolution


Awesome! Pity I don’t have a device to take advantage of the 4K goodness (since I refuse to buy a 4K TV that I need to sit 2 feet away from… and my 5 year old laptop isn’t even 1080p resolution).

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Ok nighttime is really scary now.

Yeah I’m probably going to get a 28" 4k monitor soon because the extra resolution actually makes sense given typical viewing distances. They’ve been hovering around 5-600 USD and I want them to be a bit less before I buy.

@video: Pale Blue Dot Porn best porn!

Is there a known distance beyond which lightning is no longer visible from space? Some ISS videos show lightning and aurorae and such…

… auroras?

The monitors are still a bit rich for my blood. Some day though, maybe. But never, ever for a TV. It annoys me so much that instead of bringing cheap OLED tvs to the mass market, TV manufacturers are focusing on silly marketing nonsense like 4K (or 8K!). But, I digress. Space pictures man… So awesome.

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