Online pixel density calculator

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Online pixel density calculator

In the wrong hands, this could spell the end of the world.


That website is fake-- I can see the pixels.


I still wish I could find a 1080p or even 720p screen that was HUGE. You know, without having to pay 20x as much for something that can be viewed from across an arena.

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Unless you need color calibration or other fancy features, wouldn’t a TV set do the trick?

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I do all MY computing on an old CRT TV, works fine for me


those giant 42" 4k monitors will actually have rather chunky pixels–108 ppi–and are not what I’m looking for

I use a 42" 1080p TV as a computer monitor and I love it. You have to have a deep desk, but it allows you to put it much further away, leaving the eyes less strained; it’s like the eye rest exercises of looking out a window every hour. You could easily make a 42" 4k screen be retina with a little distance.

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Too small. (give me 1mm dot pitch!) I guess what I really need is a nice, bright dlp short-throw projector. I’ll get around to it some day.

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