You can get a Philips Momentum 43-inch LED 4K monitor for about $500

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weird that the copy on this article is comparing the TV price to 20+ years ago, and not 5-8 years ago when 40-ish inch tv’s dropped to the price range that this boingboing store offer is at. it’s literally 3-4 years out of date on price.
buy something likely better from a more reputable brand:

however, upon closer reading, it’s actually listed as a “gaming monitor” so maybe i’m way wrong.

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Word from the experienced against trying to use this as a computer monitor: flat screens larger than 28" (and curved larger than 32") are very hard to use due to the focus distance from one side to another. After a few hours, your eyes will hurt-hurt-hurt.


I’m using a 40 inch monitor right now, and I never had any problem with that. It just has to be placed at larger distance.

Monitors are typically priced higher than smart TVs. I guess it is due to lack of privacy invading features. Having said that 500$ would be a good price for a new one, not refurbished.


Yes, I agree that my issue with these larger monitors must be my tired old eyes. I posted as a cautionary tale, I suppose, thanks for your counterpoint. Cheers!

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Nah, your eyes are probably fine :slight_smile: . If I had my monitor on a typical desk, my eyes would get tired after a few hours too. For me the perfect viewing distance for a 40 inch display is about 1.5m.

“It’s not often that technology advances actually make it cheaper for consumers”???

What? That’s exactly what technological advancements do.


Not an LED display but an LED-backlit LCD display. Every manufacturer does this and I hate it. LG is the only manufacturer making true LED displays and they are not $500.

how colour accurate are these?

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