The most common job in every state


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I see “slave” was omitted for the obvious reasons.


Explains so much…


The article says:

The prominence of truck drivers is partly due to the way the government categorizes jobs. It lumps together all truck drivers and delivery people, creating a very large category. Other jobs are split more finely; for example, primary school teachers and secondary school teachers are in separate categories.

I doubt there are more truck drivers than other professions if you categorize jobs the way normal people would.


Please, there is no such thing as “customer service” in Arizona, everyone knows this.


I’m really surprised it’s not Starbucks Barista.


What does that mean?


How’s the broth in Hawaii?


Interesting to see the jobs destroyed by automation and outsourcing almost literally evaporating on the map. Also, interesting: nothing much taking their place. We’re constantly told that when the old, obsolete jobs are destroyed, new, better jobs will take their place, but it does’t seem to be happening for much of the US.


They even admit they omitted managers and sales people from the list because those categories were “too broad”.


I was only 7 when being a “carpenters” overtook “secretary” in Maine in '88. Their retribution was brutal when they took back the title in '89, but 88, what a year.


They will never automate the job of “software developer,” because computers faint at the sight of ones and zeros. Even a curly bracket gives them the heebie-jeebies.


When I worked in customer service for the trucking industry (not in Arizona, ironically) I talked to two different truck drivers who were former anthropology professors. Both told me driving a truck paid better. And I know a librarian who quit to go into trucking.

Like the do-dah man.


Best evidence that computer intelligence has surpassed that of humans, right here.


Just wait until software developers eliminate both customer service and trucking as categories.

Then it’s back to primary school for all of us…


Accurate, but it still stings.

/looks down at belly


you’re a double-broad sales manager?


No. I’m just broad enough that I can use my belly button as a suction cup for my can of beer. I tried using it for other peoples’ beer, but they got really mad.


I think the data has been skewed badly here…are they really saying that there are more drivers than burger flippers, cashiers, loaders etc?
That’s clearly not right.


They’re probably only counting full-time jobs, not 29-hours-a-week-to-keep-the-healthcare-away jobs.