The National's Bryce Dessner and Kronos Quartet


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Thanks Pesco! This has made my morning.

Ditto, it’s lovely music. Thanks! I’ll have to order a CD.

I’m not familiar with that band or composer… but was compelled to check them out with David’s blurb, as it references all the kind of stuff I love. The National? After hearing a bunch of tracks, I’m a bit confused by the praise- they just sound like a poppier, much less compelling Pink Floyd, somewhere between Radiohead and Arcade Fire without either’s talent. They sound nice, but the compositions are pretty boring. What gives?

But then I found Bryce Dessner’s PLANETARIUM concert (with Sufjan Stevens). Wow! That’s some great stuff- and I’m not really much of a Sufjan fan. In the constant (and usually awful) attempts of combining New Music with Indie Rock, this one’s a winner!

Conclusion…? Dessner seems like he’s got something there. Looking forward to the Kronos disc.

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