The new Animal Crossing game will let you choose your skin tone

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Well I’m glad Nintendo caught up to letting people choose a skin colour. Do they yet allow Homosexuals to exist in Animal Crossing? I’m guessing in 2030, maybe?

Animal Crossing has always seemed to be a pretty asexual game, since you can’t really have relationships of any kind. It’s true that the animal personality types tend to have rather gender-specific behavior: boys like sports and food, while girls like clothes and want to be pop stars. In the latest version, though, the male smug villagers are awfully interested in fashion, decor, and dancing, while the female uchi characters are apparently known to petition for tomboy rights. Maybe it’s a baby step?

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Am I missing the point? Don’t you play an animal in this game? Like… a Caucasian squirrel or something?


I identify as plaid, so I’m assuming this will be an option…

No–you play a human in a town full of anthropomorphic animals.

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Is it anything like the Caucasian Shepherd? If so, keep him away from my nuts!

[quote=“crankyoldlady, post:3, topic:60032”]
Animal Crossing has always seemed to be a pretty asexual game[/quote]

I was deeply disappointed that it wasn’t a game where you paired up the residents to create unnatural hybrids.






Well that makes sense, in a way, sort of.

It’s a little like the Island of Dr. Moreau. (Main difference is that it’s not on an island.)

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