Women as sinister seductresses in video games


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Awwwww shit.

This thread is gonna go so well; especially given the recent wave of creepage on this site.



In general all pretty on-point.

I do find it interesting that the main example of the trope we’re looking at, the sexy+gross=creepy creature, looks exactly the same as one of the main sexy+gross=creepy creatures in the much-lauded (by @doctorow on BoingBoing, at least) Saga:

(That’s not saying that Saga’s creators, Brian K. Vaughan and artist Fiona Staples, are any better than the video game for their use of the trope.)


I’ve not found her show much fun to watch, but I do appreciate her commentary. Does she publish written versions?

I feel more and more like I might be the only one who’d prefer to read something than to watch it on YouTube…


My God! Doctorow liked something Sarkeesian didn’t like? It’s almost as if it’s a matter of opinion!


It’s weird, the furor around Sarkeesian’s series. From what I’ve seen, she takes a stance that should be 100% uncontroversial, and supports it with loads of good evidence.

I have a pet theory that a lot of the feminism-related flamewars here on the BBS come from a kind of Mars/Venus disconnect:

  • Women tend to just be happy that something true, troublesome, and often ignored is being expressed for a change.

  • Men tend to go to “But how do we fix it?” or “In this specific case…”


Not the only one.


My husband has seen her speak live and says she’s much more compelling in person; he doesn’t like her videos much either. I feel like YouTube is the real disconnect between generations anymore.

(OT: I love what she’s done with her hair here.)


I don’t see the problem. Who should play the sinister seductresses? Men? Come on!


youtube just doesn’t seem to be the best medium for this sort of thing. Reading an article would be much better for me.


Sarkeesian’s positions are completely uncontroversial but for a single audience: adolescent men desperate for fraternity but whose interactions are all tied up in a shallow consumer identity. This is why they’re so insecure about their hobby and so angry at her for getting paid to deconstruct its hang-ups.


There’s a large contingent who equate her saying “This is a thing that keeps happening” with “This is a thing no one should do ever and if you do you’re a terrible person.”

Why women of color struggle to find a place in fandom

Me too, and I’m sure we can’t be the only ones.


Dammit! There was no spoiler alert tag on this post, and now I know something about a game I haven’t played, and the surprise is RUINED!




My ADHD appreciates the speed settings they added to YouTube. I haven’t made it all the way through all of her videos because my attention span doesn’t last that long. In higher education, instructors are told to keep videos to no longer than six minutes if you want to maximize student absorption of the material.

This is not to say that my ADHD should be accommodated or that she should change how she does her thing. It’s just an observation that not everyone will make it through the whole video.