"This Male-Designed Female Character Just Loves To Flaunt Her Sexuality"


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Explain It Like We're Vanilla

I’m shocked and appalled that this article failed to include the word ‘empowering’ to describe the value of media depictions of women who are so badass they only need a chainmail bikini to shrug off the hazards of melee combat.

Seriously, it’s vital to claim that whatever your terrible plan is is ‘empowering’, just as in advertising targeted at women.



It’s coming up on Comic Con in San Diego, and the “Flaunt’n” will be happening, by all.


By his logic, your objection to blackface betrays your racism:


I don’t what’s worse that kind of ‘empowerment’ or in the 50’s where the easy on the eyes PHD in astrophysics happily makes coffee and sandwiches for all the menfolk and decides that a house in the burbs taking care of hubby is a better option by the end of the movie.


All I can say is I am a man, and this shit embarasses me.

Dafuq is wrong with you industry wonks, you think this is what I want out of a woman? Goddamnit if this is all I wanted I’d go buy a fucking real doll and a tub of vasaline. Cheaper with fewer arguments and lawsuits in the future.

What I want is a woman that doesn’t have to do the tarted ‘I ain’t needin’ no man.’ snap snap head side shake.

You want good female empowerment? Go watch fury road. She didn’t talk about how she was empowered. She didn’t talk or act like men were trash. Furyosa just DID things and didn’t care what you thought because she was doing what she felt needed to be done, while at the same time allowing everyone around her to also do what they’re good at.

THAT is empowering. That is the kind of woman that turns me on. Granted it doesn’t hurt she’s also good looking, but it’s kinda hard to really notice in the wasteland of australia ya?


I think . . . I think that site is the video game version of The Onion :laughing:


Certainly seems that way. Poe’s law and all that—I can’t even tell whether the reactions in this thread are ironic or not…


Furyosa for President!


durr. yeah serves me right for not checking the source…
on the other hand it is a thing in comics/video games and as I get older I find it more and more annoying.


I’ve had coffee AND Sudafed this morning! I am extra sharp!

This is definitely a thing in pop culture, which is what made the article all too believable. It was well written :smiley:


Thanks for weighing in with how you want women to behave.


It’s a good joke, because this is something that is said in entire seriousness by a particularly oblivious subsection of mouth-breathing knuckle-draggers, and it’s horrible.

I mean, just read any discussion of Bayonetta, which is an awesome game with an embarrassing obsession with T&A.

Of course, one of the angles that this joke fails to go in on is the marketing angle. If slapping cleavage into a “strong female character” sells it to horny teen men and those guys spend more money than anyone else on games, guess what there’s pressure to include in your games?

It occurs because of sexism.

It persists because of systemic sexism reinforced by money.


Someone (@Melizmatic?) posted a comic of a female character bathing but doing so “sexy” until another woman shows up and starts un-sexy bathing. It was good. And I wanted to post here, because funny.

Word to the wise: do not do a google image search while at work of the key words “sexy bathing comic” … at least most of it was slap&tickle dirty postcards from the 50s…


an oglaf comic. just a second

tada! found it


I know exactly which one this is (oh, @renke does too). Oglaf is the best :heart:



Dammit the body is not invalid sometimes I like to speak in ALL CAPS DAMMIT!


Feminism Proving Popular With Men After Being Re-Released In Tactical Matte Black

Heh. Glad I followed that link.


How apropos!