Video games' "breast physics" issue


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But boobs like that are usually Tupperware.

How much tech research goes into hanging left or right, or the physics involved during running with or without a jock strap?


two words: Cod-piece


So, they’ve come up with a simple, solves-all-related-problems for male avatars.

Surely women warriors would wear equally solid protection on their torsos, solving the running problem just as simply, right? Right?


In games like Destiny, yes they do.

In some others they don’t

Unff. I yearn for the day when this becomes a reality.

(But at the same time wish games with that kind of emphasis were less common)

As I recall from Latin class the mythological Amazons would cut off one breast so it wouldn’t interfere with their ability to use a bow and arrow. Even though the myths were typically written and not pictorial it still intrigued me that mostly male writers would sacrifice sex appeal, which they certainly didn’t skimp on in other stories, for realism.

In a lot of ways we have come far, but there we seem to have taken a step backward.


more than enough:


A lot of myths were pictorial, as the main source of material that would be illustrated on things like amphorae, fights with the Amazons included. They don’t always seem to show much sign their chests had been adjusted beyond maybe binding.

The story about cutting off breasts is less about realism, as after all many women have no trouble shooting bows, than about etymology. There are several Greek myths that were apparently made up simply to explain names.

For instance Perseus is from Argos, but left descendants in Asia because it sounds like the Persians should be named after him. Achilles was said not to have been suckled as a child, although it is not in the earlier legends, because his name sounds like his name it could be from “without lips” (a- + cheiloi). Amazon by the same token sounds like it could be from “without breast” (a- + mastos); thus the later tradition about them.


Thank you. I like to think of myself as fairly well informed about mythology, but this was clearly a case where I was relying too much on assumptions and not enough on actual facts.

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That explains a lot. For one thing a mastectomy would seem to be a pretty major ordeal for any civilization that had yet to develop anesthesia, sterilized surgical instruments or antibiotics to control infections. For another, my archery teacher and about half the students I’ve taken lessons with seem to shoot just fine with both boobs.


That’s an interesting way to think about it. Folks are always going on about the latest game that puts women in revealing or exploitative costumes, and a good deal of that conversation tends to equate any portrayal of female anatomy with something inherently bad or shameful. Folks end up arguing that covering up women’s bodies or somehow making them “less sexual” will fix the problem. It speaks to how uncomfortable we are with women’s sexuality when we can’t abide by it in any form.

Of course, it’s exactly right that the developers who want to showcase their breast physics are often reducing the concept of a female character to an “ideal body” with a series of poses and enticing animations. The issue isn’t so much that they’re putting so much detail into the female form, but that it’s largely the only part of being a woman that they bother to address in the game. And even then, the devs are only concerned with one or two very specific body types, usually in service of the male gaze. The lack of representation for women in games definitely starts with the fact that almost no one is bothering to make female characters that fall outside the typical “thin and sexy” description.


You know what? With fitted boxers, my package doesn’t move by a huge amount on the rare occasions that I run. All but the smallest breasts, however, bounce around even in a sports bra. By the time they get to the proportions of Lara Croft’s (like some women I know) running basically doesn’t happen. So, I think its fair to say comparing breast jiggle to cock & balls jiggle is irrelevant.

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From Coupling, Series 3, Episode 1: Split

Frankly I prefer Ivy’s captain’s coat outfit. Far more tasteful and has points of interest beyond ZOMFG BEEEWBS!

Except that game women’s breasts jiggle in physically impossible ways. E.g. a game I worked on where all the characters, including female characters, wore various forms of rigid body armor. Somehow their breasts - that is, the rigid surface of the plate armor over where their breasts were - still managed to jiggle. I pointed out how ridiculous this was to the art director, he just shrugged. So yeah, it’s completely relevant, in that both are ridiculous.


That is ridiculous. Why would you intentionally push towards the uncanny valley? Sigh.

The examples in the article though should move. Honestly, every video game I’ve played still lives firmly in the uncanny valley for me. If you asked me why a female character didn’t look natural, I probably wouldn’t point to boobs not moving properly because I can’t tell what is causing the uncanny valley for men or women. I just know it isn’t right.

I have no issues with spending however much time we need to on whatever body parts necessary to get it right. Boobs are part of humans. Getting physics there to at non-distracting levels is important.

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There is such a thing as a “dance belt”. Recommended/required for male dancers, and male cosplayers.


This painted very amusing (and physically impossible) pictures in my imagination.