The new Deep Fakes are in and they're spookily good


It’s good. It might have fooled me if I was not looking for differences. I find the lips do not quite sync. I expect the next level will be to take the speech sound and determine what the face must be doing on the inside to make these sounds. That will happen. Probably soon.

Where will this end? I don’t think there will be an arms race in watermarking and encryption. At some point there are going to be so many easily-made convincing fakes out there…


In the end we will have to work out what to believe for ourselves by cross-checking, which is sort-of what we did (or failed to do) with newsprint and radio.


Watch out for when the Trump pee tape is finally released, and claims are made that it’s a fake made using this tech.

Alternatively, watch out for the first Trump pee tape fakes made using this tech.


The Jagged Orbit is great, good call!
Brunner gets remembered mostly for Stand on Zanzibar, which is also prescient and smart, but JO and The Sheep Look Up are personal faves which are at least as good. Overall, I don’t think Brunner gets enough love and credit (but then, nobody axed me that ;-))


How long before someone makes a novelty digital mirror that can pull off that “Lucy/Harpo” gag in real time?



But did it speak through its Rob Beschizza Eye-mouths?


I heard about a memory falsification experiment* where the subjects were shown a selection of real photos of their childhood, with a fake one showing them on a hot air balloon shuffled in. They were asked to talk about the photos over several sessions over several months. Eventually around 50% of the subjects could “remember” the balloon ride as actually having happened. Couple that with the upcoming ability to fake convincing moving images, and our grasp of the past might become even more wobbly.

*And, yes, I checked. It does exist :wink:


Hey, maybe you heard that from me!

(Probably not, but it’s one of favorite studies, so I knew I must have mentioned it here in the BBS at least once, so looked it up…)


It is both cool and creepy.

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