The new FAST & FURIOUS board game looks like a more complicated version of LIFE

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a more complicated version of LIFE

I’ll stick to scrabble.


Makes sense. Both properties are ultimately about FAMILY.

Makes me wonder though… Why hasn’t there been a movie version made of the game of Life yet? That seems like a slam dunk. Everyone loves movies about insurance.

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If you want a more complicated Conway’s Game of Life, check out The Alien Project (


Nothing says “adrenaline fueled action franchise” like a board game.

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I’m guessing you’ve never played anything in the style of Escape: The Curse of the Temple or Pandemic: Rapid Response. Both games that have great mechanics for creating very fast frantic action.


Guilty as charged.

We had friends who were really into game night and who had an extensive collection of board games, but that was several years ago. We played a lot of MTG and Ticket to Ride.


There is one, and only one, similarity between these two games. Pegs in cars. The Game of Life is a soulless, boring slog that glorifies the accumulation of wealth, whereas this one at least looks like it could embody some of the dumb fun of the movies it’s based on.

Maybe it explodes at the finish?

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More complicated than the Game of Life and about as much depth as the entire movie franchise

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