The new Glowforge laser cutter is amazing


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No Mr. Bond, I expect you to die!


The etched Nori is fantastic. I would love to have one for durable food items. A houndstooth loaf of bread? Decorated cheese loaves? Decorated pizza?


I wonder if anyone has tried using this tech for body modification yet. (I’m sure it would hurt like hell but probably no more so than other forms of scarification/human branding.)


It’s a laser cutter. I guarantee you that there are plenty of people at maker spaces with unique, accidental spontaneously designed laser brands.


I’m desperately excited for this, and, against my better judgment, went ahead and ordered one. I have considered buying one of the cheap Chinese lasers for a long time, and decided against it; I sit and read a lot of these laser forums, and sometimes getting those things to work is a nightmare.

For what it’s worth, they have a neat referral system in place, so if you want to order one, we can both save a hundred bucks if you use my link.


The data was sent via Wi-Fi to the cloud and then to the Glowforge machine.

I don’t have a cloud. Do I need a cloud? I am not likely to have Internet in the shop any time soon, and I wouldn’t want a cutting tool that needs Internet anyway.

As long as I don’t need Internet to run it, then it looks awesome!


The K-12 school market should eat these up. It’s the first decent turn-key laser cutter/engraver I’ve seen at a price bracket schools might be able to swing.


I saw the Tested video this morning and while i have a passing interest in making stuff, the printer does look amazing. I might be broke now but i’m seriously debating on getting one in the future. It looks dead simple, fool proof and chock full of really great intuitive features. Do want. I’m just sad that its… what? 1500? which is still not bad but more than i can afford.


This. If it needs the internet to be able to talk from the thing I have in my hand to the thing a few feet away, then it’s fundamentally flawed. That is a dealbreaker for me whether we’re talking about a $2K laser cutter or a ~$200 thermostat.


I think it would push the data through your phone or tablet if you didn’t have internet.


Holy laser cutting miracle machine.

I wonder if the Pro has some sort of belt system for cutting long pieces…

tempted to buy and make my living designing cardboard light fixtures while wearing flannel.




With low power lasers, say 40 watts, you will get about 1st degree burn when you get your hand in the unfocused part of the beam between the mirrors and the head. It’d get worse but you’ll jerk away. Don’t ask how I know.

It’s not that bad.
Some of the features of this one could make a neat retrofit, though.

The cloudification of everything sucks. We need BLUESKY-compliant machinery.


I do have an android tablet… and USB cabling for it…


use numbing cream first, then fire. Don’t ask how I know.


Oh man. Would eat. I’ve cut bread in the laser at the local makerspace, and it was sort of ridiculous (in an awesome way).


Cutting will likely char the edges, unless the laser power and speed are both pretty high, which would require a rather expensive machine.

Also, pizza cuts badly on a CO2 laser.

According to some Wisconsin university research, UV laser is excellent for cutting cheese. CO2 will melt the kerf.

Todo: try laser-etching/engraving pictures on toasts.



I was tempted to pre-order, but I think I’ll hold off - mostly I really wish it offered more than a 40 watt cutter (or at double the price they bump it up to a mere 45W (?!)), so I’m guessing the first design is fundamentally not built for a medium-low power laser and they’ll presumably have to build a different model to cater to that. But…! this seems like a great device at a great price, I think they’ll sell lots, and hopefully that success will result in them expanding the product line and offering, say, a 90W model. :smiley:


I was browsing around the web and stumbled on a story about some lady suing over a botched laser bleach job of her anus.