You can make almost anything with a Glowforge

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Sadly, the international shipping is really pricey: 954$ to Germany, for instance.

Dear Glowforge: I love your product, and when I win the lottery I promise to buy one. Until then, I shall pine in the shadows…


It looks cool, but I don’t get why it has to involve the cloud.
We used to call them servers.
Get off my lawn etc.


50% and $100? Looks like just the latter to me.

Now, this is all I can think about.
Bonus! Dean Putney… W00T.

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I suspect it simplifies the problem of building controller client apps for different devices. By using a cloud-based controller they can have the controller software in the cloud and use essentially the same lightweight client app wrapped for different platforms: iOS and web browser and maybe Android, Windows, Mac etc.

It also has probably has advantages for them in terms of analyzing actual usage.

The downside is it requires connectivity.

They have said they will open source the firmware so one could probably hack it and control it locally.

Everybody gets 50%. The current pre-sale prices are 50% off what the retail price is apparently going to be once production starts. The BB discount is just an extra $100 off that already-discounted-for-everybody price.

The dream of desktop manufacturing is now a reality.

Not for $4000 MSRP, it isn’t. Not even at 50% off for preorders.

And that last is really annoying–I know this is expensive to build and they need to make a profit, but with stuff like this, preorders are usually for making sure you have enough cushion to actually launch. That implies that even at $2000 they’re making a tidy profit. And then they’re going to double that if you don’t take the substantial risk of putting down money before third-party reviews? Kinda hypocritical when they talk about how much they want to bring this capability into people’s homes.

I live in Vancouver Canada and charging 600 dollars US is criminal for this
if i buy Chinese made cutter off eBay the shipping is reasonable or free so shipping makes this null and void
I’m super sad as i was going to buy the pro one but that broke the budget
i don’t understand why start ups don’t find better ways to ship. This is a constant constant problem with kick starter etc you see a small bracelet device and shipping is like 100 dollars, what? Go Fk yourself. There have been 3 devices start ups that we didn’t buy from this one reason when i see a good price on eBay i always check shipping first…
stupidly i got so excited by this i didn’t check the cost of the pro unit if the shipping was 300 for the pro i would do it.
they do all this promo and i want to buy it but that is always a kick in the teeth at the end and i don’t buy it. I’ve just waited till a cheaper one came along in 6 months by some one else or a Chinese clone. The Chinese stuff is getting better and better faster and faster. Yet these companies continue to deal with insane gouging carriers, remember on top of this the carrier is going to charge you a ton of hidden fees too so any good will from this opening offer is wasted. I’m super bummed as i went from holy smokes I’m getting the pro to oh crap maybe the lower end one? to F
k it ill just sit and watch the glowforge parade pass me by in the space of 15 mins
why do startups not use usps which works great and have good rates??? why hasn’t a startup tackled this problem like uber for delivery???

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is it just me or can anyone get a answer from them? i can’t find a way to get onto there forum, which seems locked now they don’t answer the phone or email. this really speaks highly of how they will deal with future problems.
I’ve worked in retail store and guess what on day when there is a sale etc we added staff to cover the volume, tech companies talk like their from the future but act like there a 19th century company when it comes to this sort of thing.
so now in 30 Min’s Ive gone from wow were getting this to fuck this. i understand waiting till the end is never a good idea but we were checking if we could afford it etc and once the cost of shipping came in we hesitated and once it was clear they would not offer any other shipping or pick up options they killed the deal. Ive been trying ever since to see if i could get these answers with zero luck

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You can make almost anything with a Glowforge except a deal…


First time I’ve looked at this. Based on 5 minutes browsing they appear to be inexperienced at actually shipping! The international rates are close to UPS retail rates, not the discounted rates commercial shippers get. I can get the price for UK delivery down to ~$250 through one of my brokers for a one off shipment (With DHL).

It would also be possible to have import taxes and duty taken at checkout and the shipment delivered as taxes paid so you don’t have to deal with it. It would be a pain to set up for every country, but they could do it for the most common.

Right so maybe they should look into how much each part including the delivery is going to cost? also they are in turtle mode on the busiest day and im no longer interested in this unless i get answers
My back up was to buy the low end one find out answers and upgrade but you cant do that at this price point or better yet pick up as i live near Seattle and PAYING SOME ONE TO PICK IT UP would be cheaper then the cost for even the cheap one
As i stated above i don’t get why time after time after time after time after time this is an issue for tech hardware start ups.
and I would sooner shot myself then get an item shipped to me by DHL i had several really bad incidents with them and will never ever use thier service ever. if your the shipper its all good but as receiver fee fee fee fee so my cost doubled from the exchange rate and fees.

There carnival barkers including boing boing worked and i was amped but it took a while to see if we had the cash so cant be help it was going to be today but then we ran into there shipping wall and lack of answers and realized it was going to be a tar baby sarrlac pit of fees hidden cost etc so pass on ever buy there product.
i almost bought the low end one with the intent to get the answers and then cancel if i don’t like the answers but my GF killed that idea as she could figure out if you could or that’s it you bought it
I’m not mad at your suggestion just the situation.

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the super frustrating part is USPS works great yet American companies have this weird attitude to it and never use it. It has a undeserved rep for being a govt service so it must suck causes Reagan who works for the govt tolds us that like 30 years ago. Ive used both Canadian post and USPS with zero issues [ i used them for shipping game terrain i used to sell on eBay, so hundreds of items] except once there was an issue and Canada post refunded everything!

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Also why does the cost to ship to Vancouver cost the same as the farthest corner of Canada?
anyway im done with this product ill wait for the next one and start by getting this info first. lesson learnt again.
im going to the gym instead of sitting here sad over the fact they seem to give two hoots about this…

Careful, pal, sounds like you might be #DisappointedInBoingBoing!

no the deal and offer was great until the stuff i talked about happened. Not mad at them just sad that once again some thing cool is F**ked by this same nonsense.

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“Video from is not available in your country” is all I get when I try to watch this video embedded here or at YouTube. In fact, even trying to play other videos from that BoingBoing YouTube channel gets the same “Nope, sorry!”

Given that I am in the US, might I assume this video is out of Europe or some such? Or is this error just, um, an error?

“Video from is not available in your country” is all I get when I try to watch this video embedded here or at YouTube. In fact, even trying to play other videos from that BoingBoing YouTube channel gets the same “Nope, sorry!”

My country is Hawaii. WTF?

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