The New York Public Library is surprisingly CHUD-friendly


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Hmm…want’s a pneumatic tube system for moving the book like the Library of Congress used to use.


Where’s the Art History section? I’m with a girl and we’re in a rush to get to second base.


Holy cow, someone else watched C.H.U.D.!


I hear this is the most popular book on the lower stacks:


I find the New York Public Library a surprising choice for lunch and the access is wonderful.

So many dark corners.


So will somebody chime in here and explain WTF is a CHUD?



A cannibalistic humanoid underground dweller, as from the movie of the same name. I still don’t know what it has to do with the NYPL.


Sewer-dwelling mutants from the '80s cult-classic horror flick of the same name.

No, the headline still doesn’t make sense.


They live/d in NYC sewers




Reiterate original statement.


Reiterate original retort.




sys 64738


Also surprisingly CHUD friendly: shopping mall basements. Let me just open up the telepsychotronic heat radiation shield here and show you.


Seems legit.


It also looks hospitable to a free-floating full-torso vaporous apparition!



What about Erik living in the uncharted depths of the Paris Opera? (Not the ALW one)

I could be the Phantom of a Library.