The next Librarian of Congress: a Librarian of Progress?

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I thought you meant snoop doggie dog…or lion…

Oh Carl is a terrific choice but I was thinking he might move into the National Archivist position when they move David Ferriero into LoC position. Maybe?

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I remember visiting years ago - a beautiful building. Yes to that point about treating employees better.

I was recently at the Library of Congress, but over in the Madison building, not the Jefferson building… Not as pretty down in the Performing arts room.

I completely agree on all the bulleted points, and especially so on a few:
Change management: LC’s backlog is tremendous and it’s complicated enormously by the lack of a strong IT vision within LC. Adding to that is NARA’s recent boondoggle Electronic Records Archives system that should be used as a case example in both poor project management and jackass defense contractors promising the stars but delivering a bowl of cold soup for many metric shitloads of money (“yes, we asked for $310M, but it’s kinda expanded to $1.5B+, hey sorry about that, kthxbai”).
LC’s top librarian: As noted in the OP’s links, thirteen white dudes did a great job, but there’s NO SHORTAGE of outstanding women/POC that could do the job and do it well.
Congressional Research/Open Access: Yep, that stuff should be available to the widest margin possible. At the very least, know that the Government Publishing Office offers the Catalog of U.S. Government Publications which used to be a main pipeline for accessing government publications, and although the search interface leaves a few things to be desired (I think it’s kinda ugly, too), there’s a great deal of research available from that catalog.
This looks to me like a moment that offers LC the potential to grow itself into (again) the preeminent library in the world–I hope they take advantage of it.


Are you running for Congress? hmm I dont know which I party psyconut :wink:

I envision a “rogue archivist” as a person who doesn’t conform to The Man’s idea of proper alphabetization and uses fractions instead of using the Dewey Decimal System.


Jason Scott and Archive Team.

They will Rescue Your Shit… whether you want them to, or not.

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