The next Pokemon game will be a GTA-style experience focusing on a single city

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I am old enough to have been a full grown adult when Pokémon hit. I never understood the game. I will continue to refer to it as “Pokemans” to watch the children tremble and cringe.


Did they ever establish why you can’t just kill a trainer and take their Pokeballs? :thinking:

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Given that pokemon training seems to substantially formalized and socially all-consuming I assume that trainers have qualified immunity.


If it’s GTA post-amalgamation, I hope it’s done realistically with media schmooze Mel Lastman as the mayor!


The symbiotic connection is so strong that the Pokemon will all die when their trainer dies, but you could still help yourself to the contents of their wallet, so it depends on where your priorities lie.


An open-world city? I guess someone wants to spend AAA-levels of money making a Pokemon game, for some reason.

Mission: A gang from a rival Pokemon gym killed your sensei gym-leader. You must avenge him. Gotta kill them all.

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