The next Web?


I still don’t get it —

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TBF, I don’t understand all the ins and outs, myself. That’s a) why I am wondering if this will take off and b) if someone with more technical skills can break it down into something someone who is not in that world at all can understand.

Being able to control how much FB and Google can learn about you, though, and limiting their ubiquitousness is an intriguing idea, however.

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Since everything going on with a Solid server is encrypted, you will need a SSL key and certificate. This can be obtained from e.g. Let’s Encrypt.

And that chains it to a domain and ports 80/443, which makes it messy to take it for a test spin when you already have something else there. I suppose I could copy the SSL key and certificate from the other system. shudder

Other than Solid and Nodejs, it doesn’t look like it depends on anything (no lurking db with ludicrously recent version requirements with no Arm version available?), so maybe I’ll toss it on a Pi and see what it does.


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