The NYT on why it delayed first surveillance story


They are so full of it. I’ve lost almost all of the respect I once held for the paper. The slow erosion turned into a mudslide over the years.


So, “I definitely wasn’t carrying water for my good buddies in the Bush administration; but I was a craven little scaredy-cat who thought that my own desire for a daddy figure to enjoy absolute impunity as he ‘protectected’ me from the scary, bad, world was more important than my duty to convey the truth to my readers.”

And this guy isn’t being watched by a couple of rentacops while he cleans out his desk why, exactly?


Part of the establishment and larger culture of the organization, I’d say.

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Because the rot goes clear to the top and on out to the advertisers.

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As if just the NYT were propaganda shills during the different wars in the last decade - most of the US media was part of the nationalistic wank-fest. Now just the NYT is the scape-goat … hilarious.

The point is that they held themselves up as some high standard of journalism. How are they being scapegoated? Should they not have to answer to readership because, well, others did it too! If you look back to the Iraq war, it was specifically the NYT’s opinion was used as a promotion to proceed with war, so they do have an obligation to explain themselves, as the paper of record.


Scape goat was probably the wrong expression. What I meant was that there are more media/news outlets* that have explaining to do about there role in government propaganda and blind jingoism. Now the spotlight is on the NYT but lets hope it doesn’t end there.

* ref.: Peter Arnett - NBC and National Geographic, Brian Walski - Los Angeles Times, Phil Donahue - MSNBC

So, Sarah Palin was right to never trust the mainstream media! Who’dathunkit?

A broken clock?

Wait… the Liberal Media was running cover for a Republican administration? What sorcery is this?


The NYT is a socially liberal news organization. They may also espouse other liberal economic views, although they cater to the wealthiest in most fluff pieces. They are hawkish and conservative in international view, particularly where Israel may be concerned, whether directly or indirectly.

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Lemme guess, obfuscatoringly jingoistic meh?

To propaganda?

Makes me sick to my stomach, may be cancer…


Who/m wins?


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