At feds' request, NYT's Bill Keller spiked NSA spying story in 2004




The greatest Ally of our clandestine services, is a free press that reports upon their failings willfully, rabidly, and without fail. And together those fueding giants would bring a better world to bear for us all.

The NY Times has failed all too often as of late to bear out their brands historical recognition. And so they have tarnished their own name. And so they fall into the ashes of history to be another data set for librarians to mull over how to sort.


One more validation for my decision to cancel my NYT subscription two years ago....


Bill Keller Super Patriot... /sarcasm




Yep! And I didn't think anything could lower my opinion of Keller any farther...


Um, didn't this come out after the 2004 election? Or was that a different spying story that the NYT spiked at the request of the Bush League?


As much as I long for the day that Cheney, Bush, Rumsfeld, and Yoo are all locked up in a dank dungeon in The Hague, it's not like Obama is any better with respect to mass surveillance. The crimes continue, only now they have patina of bipartisan consensus and respectability.


All that we now know has amounted to a hill of beans when it comes to ending this illegal activity.


The political, economic, and information systems are rigged.


Never forget that the New York Times was complicit in this fiasco:

Iraq 10 Years Later: The Deadly Consequences of Spin

Thanks, NYT!
This is partially on their hands among vast civilian deaths:


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