The odd life of Joe Camel

A dear friend of mine moved back to our hometown a couple of years back and found a ton of Camel Cash in the attic of the place he was renting. Between the sheer volume of “C-notes” and some other artifacts we knew exactly who rented it. It was like a freakin’ time capsule from 1996/7(…ish)!

I genuinely cannot imagine how people end up influenced by this stuff.

Hell, I even had play cigarettes as a kid and never did take up smoking.

The dog in the beer commercials was funny but the beer was (and remains) swill.

This must be related to how people get suckered into religion.

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Oh, man, I had so much Camel Cash. lol. I think I only ordered stuff once, because I was like 17 and had to have it sent to a friend’s house.

But I somewhere still have a cassette tape copy of the Hard Pack album.


I love that there’s a whole CamelVerse with separate non-Joe characters. Why the fuck not.

On the other hand, that’s a weird-ass ensemble. Acoustic guitar/sax/drums/harmonica? And presumably Joe is the frontman? There’s going to be a lot of tension between Floyd and Max because those tone colors do not play well together. Factor in the problem of having to stock four different kinds of cigarettes for the tour bus and that’s just a recipe for drama. Maybe that’s why they never made a second album. (Or maybe it’s that Floyd and Max both developed emphysema and couldn’t play anymore.)

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