Watch these inappropriate TV commercials of yore

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You’d think so, but people still flip their shit over interracial families in commercials. I mean bigots gonna bigot.


I think the Werther’s Original commercial was “ridiculous and old-fashioned” about 10 minutes after it was filmed.

Robert Rockwell for Werther’s Original

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I submit Dump Cakes.


TV commercials of yore

Ah, the ole century, it was a doozy.


The first tire commercial is sexist because I’m not sure if half the guys I work with could change a tire if they had to.


I also submit Trump Cakes.


History isn’t one way quite like that. Sometimes societies grow more tolerant, sometimes less. Right now conservatives are fighting an uphill battle on these kind of issues, but in a generation, who knows?


Some of those were pretty bad. Some of them I think were well meaning, but a product of the times.

The Johnny 5 OMA was one I have seen before and pretty damn amazing.


Had the Johnny 5 as a kid as well as a lot of other toy guns. And strangely I grew up never having killed anyone or even purchase a real gun. I also managed to consume a lot of candy cigarettes and bubble gum cigars as a kid and never had a desire to smoke tobacco. Weird.


I liked how candy cigarettes tasted! I did end up smoking cigars occasionally. But I think that is from Boss Hogg and my uncle Harry.


It’s mostly the racist ones that are real WTF fodder. Especially the Funny Face one. I went from “that’s what they were talking about on Archer” to “holy shit that’s racist” fairly quickly.

Most of the ones that might be seen as sexist read as a quaint product of their time to me (specifically the coffee ones). You could easily see an updated version of those airing today. The flat tire one is just creepy.

The Johnny 5 OMA commercial basically does air today but it’s NERF guns.

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Ah, commercials to make America great again.

LOL. Yeah I was like, “What’s wrong with this? This is fine.”

And then suddenly it was like, “Ooooooohhhhh, that’s why.”


Yeah. It reminded me of when I realized that Ferrara Pan’s “Cherry Clan” was problematic.

I still get them every so often and I wouldn’t exactly call myself a smoker (acquaintance invited me to share a cigar once and took him up on it, no more than that.) If you want them (the candy cigarettes) they’re about 24 cents a box on Amazon.

Stuff like this always makes me wonder, what do we have in our modern-day
world that will look ridiculous and old-fashioned in the not-so-distant
future? (A lot of things, I’m guessing.)

Jupiler… (white) men know why.

No, this isn’t from the 80’s, it’s from now.

I remember how Ricardo Montleban spoke out against the Frito Bandito. It had an impact on my view of hispanics from then on. I never at the time realized that seemingly innocent characters like Speedy Gonzales, The Frito Bandito or Jose Jimenez were so offensive until someone spoke out about it.


HIGHLIGHTS (with implied subtext):

“Next time, give her a second chance!”
(Because it was her fault she broke down by the road in a dangerous part of town. Poor Carol. She was so silly, she didn’t even know how to point the car due-North when she used the compass and the map I gave her … May she rest in peace … Oh well! Better luck next time.)

“Join them in some Cool-Aid too!”
(No thanks, too salty. So inscrutable! Where are the Chinese Cherries when you need them?)

“Sexiest ladies on the scene!”
(Helloooooo, ladies!)

“Mild and juicy Bull for the Woods.”
(So that’s where you chew it! Does she know about this? Have you taken her to your hideout at Lover’s Point yet? Hope you didn’t forget your hook! Per 1960s urban legend … )

“Yes, the tobacco you chew.”
(As opposed to the other people who don’t. You know, … THOSE people.)

“The ladies sure work hard … Let’s go around back where we can’t see 'em.”
(I feel guilty, I need a smoke break. Well, what do you know? She does too!)

“Your coffee tastes terrible! … Tastes as good as fresh perked. I like it better.”
(Disaster averted, you perky little thing, you. Frankly, I’m tired after our vigorous eye-contact, and the coffee tastes better than you. Have you been on your smoking diet again?)

“Cups, and cups, and CUPS of coffee!”
(Oh John, you can never have too much coffee, can you? You know what they say, Carol. I like my women like I like my coffee …)

“It’s 7 guns in one! Let’s count them …”
(The Swiss Army knife of guns! Now Junior, remember … your gun is what we call an extremely useful tool, but by the time you finish counting, we might as well all be dead. Everyone LOLs. Tussled hair. Freezeframe.)

“Try me! I’ll take you on a trip you’ll never forget!”
(Uhhh, okay …)

“I’ll hang up your coat for you and let you watch movies …”
(Sure thing, babe. Netflix and chill. Now be quiet, it’s getting to the good part.)

“You’re not in a plane! You’re at Acme Car wash!”
(Whaaaa? The Mile-High Club can now be partaken on the ground? Do tell!)

“How about a hot wax too!”
(Whoah, easy there, sister. I’m a man, you’re a woman, have some dignity, why don’t you!)

"I can’t file … My boss calls me indispensable!
(Naturally …)

“Just a minute!”
(She said in a robotic voice, naturally.)

“Naturally, I push the button … just by turning a knob.”
(Pushing buttons! Turning knobs! There’s no place for that kind of talk in the office!)

“I never need wet chemicals … Powder dry.”
(I’m so confused. Powder dry? You mean like your face? But wouldn’t that make you black-faced? Or do you mean … oh, I get it now. What were you talking about again, you silly woman?)

“Which is the original? Sometimes I don’t even know!”
(Now Carol, we all know that if one if you is sweet, then three of you … together with me … would be INDISPENSABLY better!)

“I’m going to lunch with Mother!”
(Don’t you worry your pretty little head. I think I can push your buttons and turn your knobs later. What’s that? Bring your Mother? Yeah, not really …)

“Come to where the flavor is!”
(You mean like you like your coffee, Stu? Or just after the lovemaking? Hmmm. Let’s try green this time!)